Saturday, October 22, 2016

Foliage Overload - The Best Part of My Commute

The best part of commuting in October:
Riding on the gravel-line trail beneath a row of vibrant color maples - a better alternative to the nearby high-traffic road.

Admiring the leaves beneath my wheel...

...And the canopy overhead.

A mile later, the dazzling color is a corridor, guiding me onward.

The leaves barely hit the ground and a crew is managing the fallen leaves, blowing nature's crinkly companions into neat rows. Hold on a moment, I want to say, Let me enjoy it for as long as I can.

At mile 4, I pass through a mystical forest, lit from the rising sun.


  1. Gorgeous shot really love those color but I glad I am not a leaf raker in your city, reminds of the time I spent about an hour plus raking leaves in my yard, came in for a break and the wind picked up and when I looked out again it was as if I had done nothing in the previous hour....wasn't sure weather to laugh or cry.

  2. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing these photos. Down in N. FL it's still summery in the afternoon. Just getting cool nights and mornings the last 2 weeks. Here the foliage mostly turns brown and falls. The Japanese maples in the front yard have color for 2 weeks.


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