Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Noteworthy Improvements to the South Burlington Bike Path

As I exit Farrell Park at the T-intersection with Swift Street (photo above), the bike path seemingly shares the same asphalt as the automobile lane. Until two weeks ago, the white striping was non existent and with summer leagues and families using the park, especially around 5:30 pm, the intersection was becoming dangerous with increased traffic entering and exiting the park. Automobiles cut dangerously close to me while I waited, some drivers leering at me, as if wondering why I wasn't getting out of their way. Fortunately, the problem has been taken care of and should not be an issue going forward (until the paint wears off again).

At the same intersection (mentioned in first photo) where I turn left onto Swift Street I must quickly move to the bike lane then make a quick right turn (just beyond utility pole in above photo). The bike lane has worked fairly well, except when a stream of automobiles also turns right, each driver managing through the green light, except for the last few vehicles which cut the corner close trying to get through the intersection before the light turns red. Along with re-striping the bike lane, the city also adhered 3 white flexible poles onto the pavement (one is discernible in the photo above next to the large vehicle's front bumper), bordering the bike lane all the way around the corner, creating safe passage for cyclists.

Between the re-striped lanes and addition of flexible delineator posts, I am reminded how simple and inexpensive projects in key areas can make a huge difference to cyclists's safety. Thank you, City of South Burlington.


  1. How lovely!

    I keep checking back to see if you've received your brand new Clementine (I know that's the former name, but I like it!). I hope you're next in the queue and you can finish out the summer on your new blue beauty.

    1. It has arrived! My son texted me a photo of the box inside our house. I will see it tonight!

    2. I'm excited even just to see the BOX. Does it have Riv art? You can't take too many pictures to share with us. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only Riv lister waiting with bated breath for you to get and show off the only new bike you've purchased for yourself in 30 years. Rivendell should feel pretty honored!

  2. I wish that, across the nation, we would see more physical barriers between motorized traffic and bike lanes. For high traffic/speed areas in particular, I think barriers like this can make a huge difference. A driver somehow doesn't see the person on a bike, but if there's a physical barrier that seems to wake some people up a bit more.


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