Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Girls Ride Out, August 2016

Thirty women are ready for a bicycle stroll. This time around we are accompanied by Eva Sollberger and crew who are filming, pedaling, and interviewing for an upcoming Stuck in Vermont edition (here now). That means awesome press for Girls Ride Out.

First off, we head down North Avenue to experience and introduce the pilot project: re-striped auto lanes to now include a two-way bike lane.

Then it's time to turn around and we regroup along the waterfront trail.

All that woman-powered bicycle goodness.

For many ladies, this is their first time with Girls Ride Out.

And I have it on authority that it won't be their last.

We convene at Zero Gravity again, a good place for interviews and photographs.

Half the group sticks around for conversation and cheer. Four of us stay until dark, where organizer Christine leads a mini Girls Ride Out, complete with more loud tunes, until we split off and make our individual ways home.

Thank goodness I remembered my bike light.


  1. I so enjoy seeing your photos of these events. I'm glad you take the time to share posts of these rides!

    1. I love sharing the photos of these rides, especially if it helps some women realize that bike rides don't have to become a race. The organizer and leader does it right, in my opinion, obeying traffic laws. Otherwise, I wouldn't attend. The group of women are laid back, easy to talk to. However, they're mostly 20 something ladies which makes me feel a little intimidated. I'm not into the flash mob dancing, but I can whoop it up pretty well! I'm trying to connect with them, which mostly happens when we get to the brew pub - I can be rather shy. I only wish the rides were longer...


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