Saturday, July 16, 2016

Girls Ride Out, July 2016

Another rollicking roll around the city, courtesy of Christine Hill and Local Motion. Again, Christine hauled a trailer full of speakers, belting loud tunes. We rang bells, whooped, and laughed. It's what we women do best.

I shot a lot of photos, aiming the camera backwards over my head as we moved slowly, or halted at stop signs.

 Some women are decked in festive attire.

The average age is about 25, a crowd I'm not wholly comfortable with, yet these women are all friendly.

We are certainly a spectacle, especially when stopping at a market parking lot for a flash mob dance.

Fearless leader, Christine (left) with orange flags marking her trailer.

My favorite part of the evening was spent at Zero Gravity on their outdoor terrace. Beer and conversation was wonderful. It allowed us time to get to know one another. I connected with Julie, a woman my age, who enjoyed her first ride with the group. Julie and I pedaled home together, scrambling to get home before dark..


  1. Looks like fun. Love these kinds of social rides.

  2. Bike rides and Beer it doesn't get much better than that...


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