Saturday, March 12, 2016

Errandonnee 2016 - Confidence this Time Around

For Louise Penny fans, locating not one but two copies of desired book  in local library
 is a major coup. March 4 errand.

There's something about the longer daylight and geese migrating north that proves perfect timing for the Errandonnee, motivating participants to try something new and jump-start spring riding and/or kicking others out of a commuting rut.

Unlike the first Errandonnee where I attempted and failed, (10 of 12 errands complete, so rather a near miss), because the challenge was held in February then, thus it was difficult to stay warm plus I was afraid to ride in the dark (another 2013 prerequisite). However, this time around I'm well equipped for cold weather and have a rockin' headlight, just in case, which proves that you can teach an old dog new tricks!

Errandonnee Scorecard, Errands 1-6

March 4 (photo above)
Category: Arts & Entertainment, visiting my local library
Observation: I was pleased to find two copies of the book I was searching for.
Miles: 2

Ice along the shoreline, but it's melting fast.
March 6
Category: Personal Care, Riding along lakefront path to Winooski River
Observation: I had spring fever and needed a longer bike ride. There were still icy patches to be careful of.
Miles: 15

Errandonnee or not, twice monthly, I stop on my way home from work for more pet food.
March 7
Category: Store, Pet Store
Observation: This business badly needs a bike rack within view of the storefront. 
Miles: 2

Shifting around cargo so I can strap the bag on my back rack.
March 8
Category: Store, City Market
Observation: Riding home after dark is easy peasy now. 
Miles: 2

March 9
Category: Wildcard, Scavenging compost bins
Observation: Lots of good pickings: garlic bulb, tomatoes, lettuce for pets, broccoli
Miles: 2

This art gallery seems to change names like the wind, but it will always be the Firehouse Gallery
to me because the old firehouse was converted to multi-floor arts center.
March 11
Category: Arts & Entertainment, Firehouse Gallery
Observation: Gallery is open later on Friday evenings. Enjoyed the pottery exhibit.
Miles: 2

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