Monday, February 29, 2016

The Bike Parking Dream

Bike parking barn at Burton Snowboards' headquarters. The sign shows there's even support for carpooling.
I lock my bicycle outside my company's office building to a simple rack, without protection from the elements. I am often not the sole bike commuter—there is at least one if not two others who like to commute on two wheels. I have approached management for a better parking solution, to no avail unfortunately, primarily because our offices are leased—we cannot legally bring bikes into the office - but I will not give up. With other local businesses embracing employee efforts to ride, there's got to be a better solution.


  1. Wow - the structure in that picture does look like a dream solution. Good luck in your quest. I'm lucky to be able to pull my bike into the building where I work. Several of us stash our bikes in a space beneath the stair case. It works beautifully.

  2. Aww...I hope your dream comes soon, I don't like to think about poor bicycles left out in the elements, sad that the lease doesn't allow bikes inside :( My workplace is awesome about this, they let me stick my bike in the shed and my boss even tells me I can bring it inside if I ever need to.


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