Saturday, November 21, 2015

Forgetting the Camera Enhances a Ladies' Ride

I always tote my camera along, for documentation for blog posts, except however, for one evening of Girls Ride Out. 30-40 women amassed in Battery Park for the start. Ladies were affixing strings of lights on bikes when organizer Christine Hill pulls up, toting a trailer with massive speakers, promising booming tunes for this second event. I reached into my baggage for my camera, but instead realized I'd inadvertently left it behind, which turned out to be blessing in disguise. Carefree, I had great fun, rolling along with these women on a 60F dark night.

My favorite part was riding through the parking garage
and laughing my head off.

The video below says it all, put together by Christine Hill. She's doing awesome work, uniting Old Spokes Home and Bike Recycle into one bike-loving community.

Girls Ride Out was last night and we had a blast. Props to City Market for letting us have an impromptu bike light rave in your bike parking area.
Posted by The Old Spokes Home on Friday, November 6, 2015


  1. The video was short but there was so much fun in it.

  2. Fun! I always have my phone, which is also my only camera, along on rides. Even when I intend to stop for pictures, though, I almost always forget. The rhythm of pedaling becomes a kind of meditation that I just don't want to break. Even my spouse, who is a semi-professional photographer, almost never stops to make a photo.

    I'm glad that you stop for photos though! Your blog pictures are always great.

  3. Looks like it was a fun ride. A decent sound system and music always takes the ride up a notch.


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