Sunday, November 8, 2015

Coffeeneuring 2015 - Seventh Cup on a Sandy Beach

Bike parking with a view. 
I'm lucky that this autumn's weather has been spectacular, ensuring that I finished all Coffee Shop Without Walls brew ups with Lake Views, in grand style. These experiences could have been brutal, get-em-over-quick frosty adventures. Instead, mother nature and a little ingenuity turned 7 outdoor bike rides into 7 wonderful adventures.

My bike is waiting in the sand, just off to the left of the photo.
Before each weekend rolled around, I checked out the forecast, determining whether I would reserve Saturday or Sunday for coffeeneuring. (I took advantage of one weekend where I brewed on both days.) If it mattered, I set aside the warmest time of day. For most outings I had two or three possible places in mind, that way I wouldn't be disappointed if one spot was too windy or cold. I kept pedaling and settled on a place that would provide a sheltered, and thus warm, comfortable spot to brew up a drink, which made all the difference.

Using a stick to prop up coffee filter in my oversize mug/pot.

A thick, rich espresso mocha.

My last brew spot turned out to be a perfect place on a lonely sandy beach where I could listen to the sound of the waves and stare across the lake. It's also a spot that's off the bicycling radar; I pushed my bike several yards down a leaf covered path to an area full of driftwood but with plenty of available sand where I easily tucked myself into a sheltered spot. 

I couldn't resist photographing the orange jacket on the person ahead of me, contrasting with the nearly
leafless trees on the waterfront path. Stick season, here we come!

Coffeeneuring 2015, done!

The Place: Secluded sandy beach in Burlington (and I'm not revealing where!)
Date: Saturday, November 7
Drink: Mocha
Observation, Bike Friendliness: It's wonderful to have the place all to myself. I'm glad I was able to sit on at least one sandy beach.
Total Miles: 14


  1. Congratulation, Annie! Your coffeeneuring was beautiful to follow...

    1. Thanks, MG, for your compliment and for initiating this challenge. I think the "theme within a theme" aspect made it an extra special adventure for many of us.


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