Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Burlington Streets Challenge - Learning to Observe

Burlington's central and South End portion. The North End is on the map's flip side.

The challenge has begun! Again, my mission is to ride every public road within Burlington's city limits in 2015. But first I had to define Burlington's border with South Burlington, a line that's always been fuzzy in my mind. I researched then marked my map in yellow border lines. To document the rides I've colored completed streets in red. After 3 rides, I've finished riding 20 streets.

Anniebikes rules:
  • List street names after riding entire length
  • It's okay to ride the sidewalk when a vehicle or construction blocks a road
  • Pay attention to trees, houses, signs, pets, people, etc. so a theme emerges, propelling me to snap photos
  • I have the authority to make up rules as I go, the idea being that it should remain a fun challenge

Spring decorations on Harrison Ave.

 A lovely tree on Harrison Ave.
At Burton Snowboards, I'd forgotten there was a ski lift traversing over the parking lot. The skate park behind the building was in use, if the noise was any indication! I love the birch trees.

One lane bridge in the South End, full of asphalt patches—a bumpy ride.

At first I didn't carry my map along with me. Unfortunately I made several diversions, unknowingly perusing some South Burlington neighborhoods, but as this is a voyage of discovery, it wasn't without it merits. I found the sweetest neighborhood along Lake Champlain - a microcosm all on it's own. There was a tiny communal park and each home had a garden, lakeside gazebo or overlook, many with chairs facing the lake—all pretty places for a cocktail at sunset.

As I headed home on a bike path—again in South Burlington—I decided to turn off onto a dirt path that I'd been curious about. Oh, the pleasures of exploration!

The single track trail circles an entire farm field. Along one edge there are interesting stone sculptures, with rusted farm implements sometimes interwoven (pulled from a nearby junk pile, common on farm steads).

This was my favorite view. I imagine it's a convention of trolls mingling, deciding where to move their gathering. I love the creature at the far left: white eyeballs atop its head.

See what a little wayward ramble gets you? Pretty cool huh?

I pushed my bike to the top of the hill.

At the summit is an interesting amalgam of stone and found implements fused into a monument, dedicated to peace in the world. The pendulum is constructed with barbed wire and stone. It was a perfect spot to watch the sky turning pink before heading home.

Completed Streets

  1. School Street
  2. Cedar Street
  3. Intervale Road
  4. Ward Street
  5. Kilarney Drive
  6. Mansfield Avenue
  7. Archibald Street
  8. Washington Street
  9. Lakeview Terrace
  10. Depot Street
  11. Poirier Place
  12. East Avenue
  13. Lakeside Avenue
  14. Conger Avenue
  15. Central Avenue
  16. Proctor Avenue
  17. Harrison Avenue
  18. Industrial Parkway
  19. Queen City Park Road
  20. Bilodeau Court

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  1. Love it! :O) Looks like you're well on your way. Glad to see you're enjoying the process as well.


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