Thursday, January 15, 2015

When Riding Through Winter is the Easiest Transportation Alternative

I should feel so lucky. Our youngest boy shines when confronted with anything physical... but if truth be told, when he chooses to ride to school, it's not out of love for biking. He has options: walking or taking a bus, but both require planning and that cuts into his morning routine of watching Youtube videos and eating breakfast. Instead, he takes the fastest transportation—driving him is not an option—which happens to be stumbling outside, lifting the garage door, and hopping on his bike. It suits his preteen personality, gives him independence, and surely impresses the other kids at school. He is often the only student who arrives by bike out of 400 children.

We had to have a heart to heart about winter bike maintenance: wiping off salt with warm soap and water, and re-oiling chain, all of which took place in the kitchen last night. However, he still complains that his bike doesn't shift very well. No wonder, when he rides in smallest front ring and smallest freewheel cog, stretching the chain. "But it's my favorite gear!" he whines, and no amount of reminding him makes any difference.

I suppose that's a minor quibble in the scheme of things. Like I said, I should feel so lucky.


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