Monday, September 29, 2014

Re-Tired Table

The table is a perfect 26" diameter for tires.
After I wisely gave up on the idea to re-use old tires on a bicycle, I put the old rubber aside for a while. I considered heaving them out with the garbage, donating them to Bike Recycle - they make belts - or refashioning them into something useful. Except, I didn't particularly want to create extra work for myself either.

I was able to smooth the puckered tire so it rests flat against the glass.
So, I revisited a creative idea, one that came about because we purchased used outdoor furniture earlier in the year to adorn a new deck. I suspected the table's diameter might be mountain tire width at the time of purchase, but my husband rolled his eyes at my suggestion. So, with instant rejection, I put the "silly" idea aside.

We lived with the set for the summer. Previous owners had left paint splatters on the table. I was able to clean it off the glass, but spots remained on the green edge. It wasn't terribly noticeable and I could've lived with it's "character" or eventually sanded and repainted. However, when used tires entered the equation I put my "silly" idea to the test. My husband also wasn't around to offer an opinion.

I cleaned up the flexible tire; the other being a stiffer, flat-proof version I presumed wouldn't lend itself as easily to the task. First I tried folding the tire around the rim - exactly like you would on a wheel rim - but the 1.5" height was too thick. One last try: I cut the wire bead (1" into gumwall) off the rubber. This was just enough to stretch the rubber in place. The cut side is down. And, if I need to deal with rainwater collecting underneath, I have a leather hole punch that should do just the trick, adding unseen drainage holes.

When my youngest boy came home from school and admired my handiwork, he smiled and gave me a high five. Then I called a neighbor over - who also loves bikes. She gave her approval and immediately invited her husband to admire what I'd done. I felt better.

That's when I decided my husband is living with the "new" table.


  1. Looks good....
    Reminds me of all the times I've come home only to find changes to things have been made when I've not been around to "offer an opinion" lol...


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