Monday, April 28, 2014

Hauling Flower Boxes

I usually I set out on ride with a purpose. I might do an errand or several. Or I may change my mind en route. On this day as I pedaled, with no particular place to go, my mind wandered, thinking about the warming earth, how I'd already planted early greens in my vegetable garden, but forgot to buy flower seeds. Then with that segway I pondered the state of our front porch window box brackets, except, I had yet to purchase window boxes. Now was as good a time as any.

That's when I spin my wheels towards Kmart, a store where I often do business because of its proximity to bike path and home. Fortunately, Kmart had a selection of lightweight window boxes in assorted sizes and styles. I chose two, then secured them to the rack, rearranging my basket to accommodate new purchases.

Wide loads on bikes have their advantages. Cars give extra space - something every cyclist wants! However, it works both ways. As a bike path rider, I reminded myself to pay particular attention to pedestrians and other bicyclists.

Exercise and getting errands done on a sunny day is a weekend pleasure.

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