Monday, March 31, 2014

A Trial Run

Narrow Dorset Street. Road edges are pretty clear.
It seems contradictory to practice riding to work, but my commute distance is long - 11 miles each way. Throw in a couple of good sized hills and a mile long dirt road at the end, which could be frozen at best or a muddy slog at worst, then folks may understand why it takes the right conditions for me to start off in Spring.

South Burlington is dramatically thinning tree lines. I wasn't sure why
 because power lines lined opposite side of street.
Riding around town is easy. Bringing home a sackful of groceries, no problem. However, I must gain some fitness. I acclimatize to longer bike seat time, preview crater-sized potholes on road's edge, and get a feel for what clothing I should wear because snowy fields cast a frigid dampness. I take all of this into account on my trial run. I rode partially to work, looping back towards the waterfront for my lake view fix.

South Burlington Bike Path, fortunately not on my commuting route

Lakeside bike path bridge. I ended up walking the snow packed sections.
Also not on my normal commuting route.
If all goes well, I'm aiming for riding to work this week. As in past years, I start out on the Trek (easiest on my body) and later on switch to the Miyata (faster tires).

If you don't commute in winter, what is your approach to getting ready for Spring?


  1. You are smart, particularly in noting all the new potholes following a harsh winter (you have more snow left than we do in London Ontario, but we still have some too).

  2. I don't commute in winter because I have basketball practice that goes to 6PM and cold and dark and winter by then. My commute is so much easier than yours, depending on the route 4 to 6 miles. All downhill heading in when I am usually pressed for time. I really don't do much to get ready for spring, just allow extra time because I know I will be slower.
    We have that Colorado Spring Sun which takes care of the snow disappearing faster than your roads!!
    Be safe out there!! Jim

  3. By the way, I just read through your GAPCO trip. What a great ride and right up my idea of a tour.
    I am doing the KATY this summer with a side trip in Ottawa Kansas to ride on the Prairie Spirit trail to warm up, but, maybe that next year I can make a trip to ride GAPCO. I have a sister in the DC area where I can base and head out from or back to. I'll probably have a bunch of questions for you by this time next year.
    Thanks for the ride report!

    1. The Katy Trail should be a fun time. Send any GAPCO questions my way. I can't speak highly enough about that adventure.

  4. 460 miles this year so far on a road bike on rollers. Two days ago was the first time it was nice enough to get outside to try some biking. The bike nearly jumped out from under me! I guess that was the benefit of biking all winter, if only done on rollers. Was able to try a twenty mile trip that first day! Yeay! Keep on bikin...

    1. Good for you for training on rollers. I have a YMCA membership where I swim and do yoga in the winter. I could use their biking machines, but it's not for me. I suffer throughout he initial commutes until I get in shape.


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