Wednesday, December 4, 2013


On my first visit to Rossetti Park Beach in Colchester, late October.
Grey skies, leafless trees, and for two weeks colder than normal weather, has caused me to lose interest in cycling. At least for the time being.

To be honest that's only part of the reason.

There's my annual mileage goal, which I'm normally proud of. I've fallen drastically short, without ample time to make up nearly 200 miles before the new year. So why bother trying? It's the first time since I began tracking daily counts, that I haven't reached magic number 3000. It had a nice ring to it. Had being the operative word.

I shouldn't be too hard on myself. I succeeded at bike overnights. I went on three wonderful jaunts—a record—plus the big one in September.

Truth be told, this has never been my favorite time of year. I love the holidays but dislike the lack of sunshine and daylight. I call it November funk, which often spills over into December. Low Vitamin D levels affect me more than I like to admit. More chocolate milk, perhaps?

So, without the impetus to ride, I've lost momentum. I still exercise—surely a mood lifter in itself—it's just taken on a different form: walking and lap swimming with yoga thrown in for variety. Winter transition came much quicker than I expected. I suppose that's what's really bothering me.

It's okay, kind of. On the bright side (term seems fitting, no?) I hope to squeeze in a couple more rides before the end of December. Who knows, maybe writing this post will spur some interest.

Are there times of the year when you don't feel like riding a bike?


  1. I agree that the Winter Blues have come early this year, must be the unexpected cold weather. I hope for sunny weekend days to spend a few relaxing hours away from the holiday bustle. Spring seems so far away.

  2. I feel your pain Annie. The hardest times for me to ride are the really hot days of summer, it can be so exhausting in the heat. It rarely gets cold enough in winter here to not want to ride, but in spite of all that, I am a summer person and it is my favourite time of year. Sometimes I go out in the evening for a ride, I love those rides!

  3. I dislike this time of year too. I wuss out of rides, then get irritated with myself for doing so. Of course sometimes the weather just makes riding a non-sensible option. I've only cycled to work a couple of times in the last two weeks.
    I'm aiming to do that Rapha Festive 500 challenge thing which will give me a goal to work towards over the holidays whilst I'm off work at least :-)

  4. Perhaps it is related to the Vitamin D thing, somehow....Grey skies dispirit and demotivate me. In November, sunny, 40 ... seems great for a ride. Grey, 40 not so much so, and it isn't only the lack of the heat of the sun. Once I am truly on an indoor setup, it is hard to get back out before feeling a promise of spring in the air.


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