Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Bundle Up and Go

Winooski River Bridge cameo.
Writing about my lack of inspiration got me off my duff. That, coupled with nasty weather that never materialized seemed like providence.

A views that inspires.
I took my mini tripod along and wore jeans—a rare piece of cycling clothing for me—but the snap decision to get outdoors meant I needed to go now, or else watching a movie was beginning to feel like a better option.

I noticed (look behind the handlebars) another monstrous house going up along Spear Street. 
Only two days later, I sprang aboard the Ross. I needed stability, extra baggage space for possible Christmas shopping, easier setup for lights. Plus, I love this bike. And contrary to what I might've said about eventually getting rid of her, well, I just can't until I explore more options to make her fit better.  A girl can change her mind...

Enjoying the Follett House holiday lights.
I was out past dark. It was a little creepy, what with tunnel vision, yet exhilarating too. White ice patches glowed along the shoreline—a sure sign the temperature was dropping. I discovered my headlight was inadequate in pure darkness, though I managed, safely slowing when I couldn't see a reasonable distance ahead. In spite of my caution however, I found myself atop icy puddles. It was fleeting and as long as I steered straight (holding my breath!) I was back on dry pavement in a heartbeat.

25F with footwarmers is doable on a bike. I just have to get myself out the door.

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  1. Great self portraits.
    I may have to try foot warmers. I've always been warm blooded but in recent winters my feet are always cold on or off the bike.


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