Saturday, October 26, 2013

2013 Foliage Challenge - Photo #8

I present to you...(imagine a drum roll)...Rantwick's King Tree. He admits it was a lackluster year in London, Ontario. The weather gods weren't aligned. But, despite the outcome, I can see why he pedals by this tree every year with his tongue hanging out, anticipating the right day to take a photo. The canopy is broad. (Imagine raking the leaves when this baby lets loose!)

Rantwick's been a good sport. He's put up with personal and public ribbing from me. (Doesn't he invite this though?) In heartfelt gratitude, I thank you, Rantwick, for putting up with my chiding, for your contribution, and for starting this tree spotting thing in the first place. It's all good.

The leaves are falling here in Vermont, but that means prime season is heading south. Don't forget to pass some foliage goodness my way.

Join me in this Celebration of Fall. I'll post your foliage photo(s) in this series.

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