Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Women's Garage Sale Ride

I did a little research the day before, using Craig's List. Highlight location on map,
while displaying addresses in side bar. This helped to define an efficient route. 
I didn't know what to expect for turnout. My quest to lead a garage sale ride, supporting Local Motion's campaign to inspire more women to ride, was a shot in the dark. But, lo and behold, a spry grey-haired triathlete and a plucky college-age lady riding an old Raleigh are waiting when I roll to the meeting place. 

I'd made two maps: one for the north end of the city, the other for downtown. The two-hour timeframe didn't allow for both routes and as I've learned, five or six sales is enough—any more and eyes glaze over. It didn't matter to the ladies which area to browse, so I decide to cruise the vicinity around downtown.

The young lady quickly scores on a frying pan and mini-trash can. The heavy pan goes in her backpack while she dangles a lightweight bag containing her other item from her handle bars. I love how resourceful she is. Since she was also a new Burlington resident, and hadn't heard of the Causeway—a gem we insist she must experiencewe detour to provide her with a Burlington Bike Map.

Near the end of the Garage Sale Tour we stumble on the best venue yet—a moving sale—and not on the itinerary. I buy a metal pencil sharpener in the shape of the Eiffel Tower—a tacky thing I wished I'd acquired in Paris last fall. I also got a sturdier recipe box. Since it holds less cards than the one in my cupboard, it prompted me to clean out unused recipes. I also score a nice water bottle from the free pile. Now I have plenty for an upcoming trip. I guess some things are just meant to be.

For two and a half hours we made minor purchases, chatted, and got some exercise. That's the whole point of the Women's Ride Series—a low-key way to meet and encourage other like-minded individuals.

Who else likes garage-sailing on two wheels?

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  1. I pick up the odd things at garage sales when I am on my bike, it always feels like scoring a real bargain!


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