Sunday, August 11, 2013

Peugeot UO 14 - First Updates

Trying to evaluate the stem sizing for eventual upright bars, I discovered the bolt was frozen and no amount of oiling or force would free the mechanism. Rather than strip the bolt completely, a bike shop mechanic worked magic, regreased the post, and raised it to maximum height. Unfortunately 1980's stems are shorties, but now I know what I'll be up against for bars and/or stem replacement when I'm ready.

Adapting to simple pedals.
Gone are the toe clips, straps, and touring pedals. I was initially attracted to grey platform pedals because of it's horseshoe-shaped grippy area. Unfortunately, there isn't a silver version, which I felt would look great on this bike. I'll keep looking for the right pedal. For now this inexpensive cruiser pedal should be adequate.

I wanted to throw out the cover less gel seat, but I will hold onto it. I already envision 
it's revival with a leopard print cover, but that's a project for another time. 
The seat post moved easily, fortunately, so I regreased the post, dismantled all seat parts to perform a thorough cleaning. The clamps, screws, and rocker piece were pretty grimy. I have to admit I purchased the lower profile seat for its style and price and since I'm not married to womens' specific saddles, I'm exploring the adjustments that a men's seat presents with longer rails. I presume this will allow more fore and aft movement and could prove invaluable for whatever bar set-up I use.

Nashbar water bottle cage.
The elegant lines of this endearing water bottle cage won me over. It's lasted for years on the Miyata and now graces the Peugeot.

Pictured, new tires installed in front and rear. Going from 1" to 1.25" tires still allows space for fenders.
I replaced cracked, aged rubber with Panaracer Pasella tires. There is still clearance for fenders

The Peugeot's parking spot, wedged between scooters and mini bike rack in our garage.
In addition to steering changes, I plan to add front rack and basket. All in good time.


  1. Looking good! I do like the funky pedals, in particular.

  2. Hey Anniebikes this a very late to the game comment but I wondering if your original alloy drop bars were the cool engraved Atax / Philippe kind? If so I hope you kept them as I recently noticed folks are asking crazy amounts for them on ebay..

    1. I keep and label all handlebars that I remove from each bike, just in case I sell or want to put the original equipment back. So, I inspected my parts box, but I cannot locate any markings on the Peugeot bar. There is gunky residue from removed bar tape, but I suspect they are not the model you are asking about.

      For what it's worth, the original bar on my Miyata is rather sweet. I like the flaired curve; they are very light weight and are clearly labeled " Sakae Randonneur".

  3. I love a good pantographed handle bar, I really like the French ones that came on the UO-10 like these but for the prices they are asking I would rather just buy a new Nitto! I believe my Miyata 910 came with those same Sakae bars - very nice.

    1. Holy moly! Those Philippe bars don't look like anything special but they're fetching a good price, particularly the NOS. The bars I have are the same style - at least they look that way to me - but do not have any markings or etchings.


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