Thursday, May 16, 2013

Path of Thoughts

Will my beloved hay rolls survive as new housing consumes the landscape?
As I pedaled home yesterday, I passed an old sign for The Ride of Silence, an organized group ride that recognizes cyclists killed in automobile collisions. At the same time, traffic was heavier than I remember it being in a long time. I soon passed one of two construction sites. New housing is slowly replacing open fields. A year from now, my commute could be very different.

Man (collectively) is forever digging, moving dirt from one place to another.
It's easy to see how thoughts could drift in a downward spiral. However, I was determined to remain positive.

Ivy climbed the sign and twisted into the air. Artistic.
A tailwind was like nature's hand, pushing me home. Recent rain brought out the lilac scent, puddles on the road. On a separate pathway now, I passed a baseball field. Little Leaguers practiced. I liked the sound of metal bat connecting with ball, the ping like a sharp bell. Two boys practiced toss and catch smack in the path. Not sure why they weren't in the grass. I slowed and rang my bell. A parent immediately instructed the boys to move aside and let me pass. I smiled, thanking them.

It's times like this that we should curb our tempers and show patience, tolerance, kindness, and generosity. Appreciate birds, smell nature's perfume, smile at children's laughter. I also noticed beautiful patterns as the wet asphalt dried...

...and an old style lamppost in a new housing development.

Change is inevitable. How we perceive it and adapt is the key.

Pedal on and enjoy your commute.


  1. What lovely photos Annie. Do you have a new camera or did you add a filter to them? Vicki

    1. Thank you. No, I didn't get a new camera. I like playing with Google's Picasa. It has some nice filters.

  2. Lovely post Annie....and I agree the images are first class..

  3. Thanks, I'll have a look at it. Vicki


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