Friday, May 24, 2013

Mud Pond Report

Older son is more cautious and stayed behind with mom.
Last weekend we set out for Mud Pond mountain bike trails. It's a fairly easy ride, except for roots which, according to neighbors, have become exposed over the years. Fortunately, the trail's name is misleading; it was quite dry. I suspect the name comes from the pond access trail near where we parked the cars, only open to foot traffic.

I had to take my time. Without shocks, it's a trickier ride. After my husband went over the handle bars because a plant obscured a pointed rock, I became gun shy. But that's okay. Better to walk sections than give up altogether. On the other hand, our youngest son and his buddy (both in yellow shirts) had a blast on their bikes with shocks and knobby tires. We heard whoops and laughter as the two boys stayed just ahead of us for the entire 3 miles.

I'd like to go back sometime with a mountain bike. Now that both our boys have adult-sized mountain bikes I can borrow one and explore the upper loop that we bypassed in favor of returning to the car.

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