Friday, April 12, 2013

A Red Armstrong Bicycle

I walk by this bike rack on the university campus several times a week. This Armstrong bike captured my fancy. I like red. This bicycle exudes RED, for one thing. There's more to it than color, of course. I like the sprung saddle, the simple chain guard, and matching red rack. The simple chain ring and rubber pedals are definitely old and classy and I imagine are original components. Chrome fenders and newer red grips compliment it's compelling style.

But for all its charm this is an abused bike, residing like many others throughout winter on campus. It sat hub-high in a snow bank. I find it laying on its side occasionally until someone strong-arms it (sorry, I had to use that term) back upright. And for all it's glory, I wonder how much it gets ridden. The chain is rusted. It never changes position in the rack. Possibly, it's abandoned for the remainder of the school year.

Fun speedometer, simple 3-speed shifting.

Art Deco decal.

Nice seat, interesting integrated rack with spring, nice lugged steel frame. Alloy wheels
are worthy updates. New gumwall tires blend in with the old school bike.

Noticing the yellow Old Spokes Home label on the down-tube is a reminder that this bike was at one time reconditioned and worthy—this shop does not fix up anything that's junk—and possibly could be a sparkling ride again. 3-speed ride anyone?

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