Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Travel Talks are the Cure

Nothing takes the mind off crusty, salty, wintry road conditions like an engaging slide show. If you're not out there riding, might as well vicariously enjoy an other's bike journey. I took my 77 year old neighbor to a presentation by Dan Hock who spent six months traveling and cycling in Chile, Peru, and Argentina.

Dan and three friends pedaled big miles, mostly along graveled roads. When they weren't cycling they took ferries, gobbled copious amounts of food to make up for days with little, and hung out with friends of friends. In addition they were graciously fed and housed by curious locals. It was a trip full of testosterone, fording rivers, and grubby clothing and bodies, but hey, they're all guys in their 20s, and admirably able to get by without creature comforts for days on end.

Dan talked for an hour and a half, painting episode after episode of his adventure. I liked his engaging, down-to-earth style, but his pictures weren't spectacular and unfortunately overexposed. After viewing the above photos I wonder if there was a problem with projecting the images to large screen.

I look forward to the next Travel Talk slide show and, hopefully, I'll arrive by bike.

Photos credited to Local Motion and Dan Hock.

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  1. I went to a similar show recently and really enjoyed it too, it is great to live vicariously through others travels. Vicki


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