Monday, January 7, 2013

Switzerland - Exploring Geneva with Martin

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30 miles – Sunday, September 25

Martin, Andy, and I pedaled into Geneva. We stopped in front of the massive United Nations building. It’s situated on a hill with views dominating downtown and the lake. White stone columns grace the front, giving a monument-like appearance, reminding me of presidential memorials in Washington, D.C. There is no doubt that important issues happen in this high-security fortress.

Further on, a crowd of Asians gathered outside the American Mission. People squatted curbside; others checked news cameras; some gobbled food with chopsticks, many loitered in lawn chairs. We presume they are patiently waiting for North Korean delegates to leave the talks with the Americans, regarding Korea’s refusal to allow outside intervention/inspection of claimed nuclear bomb sites. Later, when we huffed back the same way, the media hadn't moved.

We cycled beneath the triangular fog lights of Geneva’s airport. The runway is divided into French and Swiss zones, allowing either country a hassle-free arrival and departure. Bern, the capital, has a likewise setup.

Martin led us on a different return route through prettier rolling farmland, some dotted with vineyards. I could cycle for hours in this manner. We had fun, bolting past each other, chasing, laughing. Martin proclaimed time and again how much he enjoyed being out with us. Between family and work, often weekends are spent on errands and repair at home.

Andy and I are ready to continue on to Chamonix, but Katty arriving late this evening means we’d spend little time with her. And the weather is a concern also; it’s been so nice, but have we exhausted our blue-sky window?

Monday, September 26

It showered for most of the day. Andy and I walked into Nyon to shop then returned to Borex on back roads. Two cycle tourists huddled beneath a storefront awning, waiting for the 2 p.m. shop opening. The woman coughed and hugged herself. I knew that cold, damp feeling only too well. As we walked past, I was thankful to have waited one more day before departing Borex.

Andy and I made homemade pizza. We chatted, drank wine - a last, homey evening with ample time to catch up with Katty. I reflected on our gracious friends and wondered when we’d see them next.

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