Thursday, January 3, 2013

Recraft Earrings

I received the earrings last Christmas and have worn them a few times. Unfortunately, they aren't very interesting, other than they're fashioned from half a chain link.

The star is porcelain, or possibly made of pottery. This is a bookmark, which is pretty nifty, with the swirls of copper wire, although not very practical—the thing kept falling out of the pages, losing my place.

Not ready to toss the earrings or the bookmark, I held onto them, contemplating how they could be reused. I was willing to sacrifice the bracelet for the beads. I love purple jewelry, especially earrings. I thought I'd combine these things to spruce up the earrings. If I failed or didn't have the patience or dexterity I knew I could rely on a neighbor to help; she makes earrings for craft fairs.

I shouldn't have worried. Copper is easy to bend, as it turns out. I used needle-nosed pliers for the tight curves, but otherwise hands were good enough tools for the job. I planned, initially, to only loop a few beads around the bottom hole of the link, but I continued wrapping the wire around the middle to tie in the color better. I think it turned out well!

I kept going, suddenly inspired by the beautiful star. I simplified the coil in the center, adding beads, and twisting the thin copper wire (leftover from my kids' electrical kit) until I liked the nonsysmmetrical design. I'll eventually glue a pin back on the reverse side.

I must admit, the three-dimensional aspect is appealing.

I have no idea what the copper finish will look like in a year. It may tarnish. Or it may turn that lovely greenish patina seen on roof flashing or bus stop shelters here in Burlington.

I have gobs of purple and blue beads left, plus lots of thin wire. I'll save these for some other project.

I guess this goes to show that anything is possible, so go ahead with that project you've put off. It just may turn out to be spectacular.

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  1. They look great! I should spruce up some of my old jewellery like that too!


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