Sunday, January 27, 2013

Mistakes in Blog Comments

I stare at my published comment in horror. Oh no, I did it again, I mutter to myself as I mull over another misspelled word or badly worded sentence. But there's no back tracking in blog comment land—similar to that e-mail I wish I'd never sent.

biek bike
I can't tell you how many times I've misspelled "bike"—it comes out as "biek", Or "the", which more often than not is typed "teh" When writing my own blog that's acceptable because I rely on the trusty spell checker to pick up my error, highlight it, and with a mouse-click I get choices for correct spelling. It's a simple fix. Done. Or as a last resort, edit the post.

Leave a Comment
But what happens when responding to someone else's blog? I don't believe there's a spell checking option and only occasionally have I seen culprit words highlighted, alerting me to possible errors. But what bugs me the most is when I proof my response, miss the error, and the result makes me look careless or uneducated or worse—I've offended someone when I never meant to.

 I know, I know: "To err is human; to forgive, divine." I keep reminding myself of that.


  1. If you have spell-check on via your operating system, it will work in the comments box. (Just tested.)

    Also, never comment while drunk, unless what you have to say is really brilliant.

    1. But what about commenting on other blogs? Maybe it's just WordPress blogs that don't allow highlighting for errors...I'll try to pay more attention from now as to what type of sites allow spell check and which do not.

    2. Just tested spell-check on wordpress comments, and yep, it's working. What browser do you use? I've been using Chrome, for better or worse.

  2. This must be something that we have all done at some time Annie....
    Even with spell check I have still missed stupid errors just like you and I don't need to be 'drunk' for that to happen..:)


  3. Let's all give each other permission to make little mistakes in blog comments, forgive and forget. You can delete comments and re-enter them spell corrected, but that feels clunky to me. Embrace imperfection, I say!

  4. Just so everyone understands, I'm talking about commenting on other blogs. I can delete comments to my blog, but not on others.

  5. This happens sometimes, if I make a bad enough mistake I add a follow up comment to correct it. People are understanding I think. On my own blog, which is in Wordpress, there is no spellcheck and while I am a pretty good speller, I sometimes miss typos if I'm tired and they get published so then I correct them after the fact, sometimes they can be pretty bad and any subscribers to my blog will have gotten them, I hope they are forgiving!

  6. I use Firefox for my browser and it does the spell checking no matter where I'm typing. Even so I don't always notice its warnings. Then there's grammar. I'm sure I come off as careless and uneducated.

    One solution would be to contact the blogger and ask that your comment be deleted.


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