Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Triathlon Days

A festive ensemble for a 40F afternoon.
In the transition month that is November—sometimes well into December—I waffle between riding a bike, walking, and swimming. Temperatures dip into the 20sF and I dive beneath the warms layers of my down parka for errands by foot. A warm spell, which ranges from 40-55F, makes me take the bike out again for an hour's ride. I am also a water girl, preferring pool strokes to build shoulder muscles and loosen a stiff back.

Such is life on my days off. The car sits in the driveway. I ride the bus with my youngest boy to his school. I walk home, write, organize photos, read a book, maybe cook a pot of soup, watch a movie. With the upcoming holidays I take the opportunity to ride to stores, pick up at least one gift. Then I squeeze in a half mile swim at the YMCA before the 2:45 pick-up at school. As it just so happens, some days include all three active pursuits. I like that. A lot.

Triathlon days.

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