Monday, December 24, 2012

Snow for the Holidays

I haven't been on my bike for two weeks. I've thought about it, but rain falls on my days off, or the temperatures dip into the 20sF and I can't make that leap to wearing snow boots. And if truth be told, my heart is not in cycling through the winter this year.

I've walked everywhere. Enjoying Christmas lights. Humming carols to myself. Picking up gifts. Collecting pine cones in the woods to make peanut butter birdseed treats.

But more than ever, I want it to snow this holiday. And for it to be the beginning of a normal Vermont winter.

I got my wish on December 23rd.

As a family, we went swimming, then emerged from the YMCA to snowflakes floating. Suddenly a festive mood enveloped our quartet. I suggested we go to a cafe for hot chocolate.

Afterwards, our youngest son stands in the center of the pedestrian mall and opens his mouth to the sky. Such unbridled joy! We joined him, making a game out of gobbling the fattest flakes we could find.

 "Snowflakes glistening, are you listening?" plays through my head. Shoppers pick up last minute gifts. Youngest son proclaims, "Winter is my favorite!" as he continually scoops snow and packs snow balls. Sometimes my husband and are are pelted in the back. But how can we get mad?

Snow-lover boy creates an angel in front of our house.
We're due for good wintry weather. I'm looking forward to cross-country skiing out my door. And as they say, "Tis the season." And while cycling is never far from my mind—after all it is my first love—it can wait for a while. I'm okay with that.

Happy Holidays.

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