Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Bike Friendly Jacket

I added fleece half-gloves to my coat.
I like to sew. It fuels my creative juices. I have a wall hanging in progress and only recently discovered how to incorporate the next step—a technique for applique. I also enjoy exploring how to reuse or retrofit garments and or bags into something that's bike-friendly.

Grren coat before adding new cuffs.
 It's a nice style. Another view here.
I bought this green jacket a couple years ago because it was on sale and I couldn't resist. Inside the neckline, a lightweight bag is attached. The jacket can be stuffed into a tiny package—ideal for traveling and/or camping. It's synthetic too, which I approve for it's washability. The only hitch is the coat is sized for a large boy. It fits well, except for the sleeve length. It's a bit short and when extending arms over the handlebars, well, my wrists are exposed. I'm downright chilly at times.

I knew that someday I would enlarge the length, but I put it off because I wanted something more than functional cuffs. It finally came to me. I wanted thumb holes, for when it's chilly and hands could use a bit of warmth. Roll the hand-warmers and voila, they're a cuff that coordinates with the blue zipper!

The new cuffs fill the gap, warming former exposed wrists.

Some projects do not work out, as in this skirt. 

The pattern would've coordinated with my sweaters.
I copied the idea from a catalog that sells skirts created from old uniforms. I liked the technique, using contrasting stitching with seams on the outside—very unusual and contrary—which often represents my personal style. (I can be a non-conformist, much to my family's dismay.) The construction resembles pleats. I've always wanted a wool tartan skirt, especially one I could wear over tights while walking or tooling around on my bike.

So, with an abundance of wool scarves, I pieced the strips together. Unfortunately there weren't enough sections to wrap the fabric around my waist! I'd also bought yellow ribbon which I'd planned to edge the bottom of skirt. This would coordinate with the yellow thread. Oh well. It's a clever idea and I'll apply it someday...I have stacks of cotton fabric that could work for a summer weight skirt.


  1. Nothing wrong at all in being a non-conformist Annie....much more interesting that following the crowd..!!


  2. Annie, look in the op shops for more scarves for your skirt, it looks like a great project, I am a tartan addict for winter too! Vicki
    PS I can only post as anon from the iPhone


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