Friday, June 29, 2012

It's All About Family Fun on Two Wheels

All photos by Avery.
There was glorious sunshine with a nice breeze. The heat wave had thankfully passed for the attendees of the Family Fun Challenge Ride. We converged at the picnic table outside Local Motion to introduce ourselves. While kids decorated helmets or bikes with stickers, I set off alone to check out a mysterious blockage on the trail. On the way to to meet the group my son and I'd been diverted around a section due to "an unattended package." 

This mom stuffed her items in her skirt.
Kids and parents figured out their own methods to attach the search list and pen. Within a few hundred feet we detoured, but it was an adventurous group. We hoofed it up a steep hill, rode sidewalk for a half mile, then I introduced an interesting single track back to the path. There were various abilities so I erred on the side of caution. Some children clearly loved it and an able dad even biked what I would consider an expert section.

That's me walking the steep dirt track back onto the paved rail trail.

Clue sheets came out.

I made sure to slow and stop at certain points, allowing ample time for families to "notice" items on the list. At this point my husband and other son caught up with us.

On the agenda was a fun stop behind an ice rink where there is often snow. One father plowed his bike into a snow bank, which brought peels of  laughter from the group. A friendly snowball fight ensued. Children mashed snow onto helmets and let them melt as we continued on our way.

But we were soon back on the trail, checking off other items. There was a brief break at the bridge, observing boats and wildlife, reading the dedication plaque for pertinent information. This was the turnaround.

One girl took her task very seriously.
To mix it up we rode more trails in the woods and set a different course around the unfortunate detour. And before long we rested at Local Motion, devouring iced pops. I solicited information from the adults, asking for feedback. As I suspected, like myself, they are continually looking for low cost ideas to get their family outside while enjoying some exercise.

This photo is mine.
I was particularly impressed with biking etiquette. These families had ridden together many times. Had there been more than ten people, it might've been dangerous; the path was very busy. I was the only leader as the Local Motion employee remained in the office due to sickness.


  1. This sounds like a fantastic event Annie! What were the rules of this game and hOw many took part in it?

    1. About 10 miles of pedaling. We searched for items on a list. Some were answering questions only gleaned from reading historical signs. Two families plus ours. 12 total.

  2. A scavenger hunt by bike? Great idea.


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