Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Riding in the Heat

It was flippin' hot this past Sunday. I was all smiles though, after a hot morning walk with my adventure buddy who was in town for a family celebration. We ironed out more details on our French Affair. After a week of hut-to-hut hiking in Zermatt we'll catch a train ride to Provence. We agreed to take it easy, once there. Enjoy the sights, drink wine, pedal about 50k a day. There is no end to the Roman fortifications spread around the region - that's my primary love. Patty is interested in a Mediterranean ride. But we're going without a specific itinerary to remain flexible, should something catch our fancy en route.

To get in the mood, later that Sunday after my girlfriend went to play bocce with family (practice for petanque in France?) I headed to the lake. I wore a bathing suit and beached it with our youngest boy, skipping stones and dipping in 52F Lake Champlain. Barely able to breathe: barely clothed. I rode home in a wet suit, pulling shorts on for coverage. It was definitely summer-like weather. Which means August arrives in the near future - that much closer to a plane flight over the Atlantic!


  1. I'd much rather ride in the heat than freezing cold,personally,LOL! Nice ride sounds like :)

    The DC

  2. We need an acronym for riding for a swim...GJITL? (Go Jump In The Lake)

  3. Add an ice-cream cone threatening to melt down your fingers and it's the perfect picture of summer. (I'm a bit jealous as I'm reading this in bed under my thick winter duvet with my strippy flannelette PJ's on.)

    50kms a day is my favourite touring speed, not only do you get to stop and smell the roses, but, with a bit of luck you end up supping tea with the rose gardener! Wonderful plans!

  4. Way to make most of a hot day! I like your style.

  5. What great preparation for your overseas bike holiday!


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