Friday, March 16, 2012

The Stuff I Haul to Work

Unpacking panniers in my employers' garage.

With the time change I started my 22 mile roundtrip ride to work this week. It's been reasonably mild weather with only one morning in the 30sF. Somehow I escaped the bit of rain that danced around the valley. It's difficult to wake when it's dark outside, scramble to eat with the kids then, en route, ride with our youngest child to his school—not to mention assembling a lunch and packing panniers.

Arriving at work is such a relief and accomplishment!

I lean my bike against a work bench in my employers' garage, conveniently on an old carpet. Rather than haul the panniers indoors, my items have been presorted. I remove each sack, hang my helmet and glasses on the bar end then head for the door. One cotton bag holds a complete change of clothes (shoes and sweater remain at my desk), The white bag contains a lunch, tea for the week, and a baggie of chocolate chips. The colorful tote holds reading material, a date book, comb and various "stuff" I can't live without.

All set for another day in the office! How do you handle your baggage?

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