Sunday, February 19, 2012

Bike Parking at the Hospital

This covered parking area at the hospital has always intrigued me. It is well utilized by riders at all times of the day. On Friday I went and investigated, curious about what types of bikes I might find.

I was surprised to find a lot of what I call "commuter bikes". By that I mean sturdy steel-framed bicycles, many old and retrofitted with racks and/or fenders.

Of course, I like the mustache handlebars. Some of the bikes are swimming in leaves. I imagine the air swirls around in the brick walled enclosure on Burlington's windy days.

There are lots of leather saddles and handlebar tape.

And a close-up of the second bike shows a headlight, cup holder, and interesting bottle cap message covering the stem bolt "Hated by Many, Loved by Few."

This white aluminum frame takes the prize for the cleanest looking ride.

I have a soft spot for well-used old mountain bikes without suspension. They make a perfect companion for just about anyone, including a commuter.

I dig this Raleigh with curved bars and thumbshifters.

This beater Raleigh is scuffed and scratched, but I appreciate its usefulness. Obviously, someone else does too.

There were a couple department store bikes, but for the most part all were older bikes and nothing worth more than 1000.00. I find this aspect satisfying as I've long thought that to own an expensive bike and park it at work was not worth the worry. Better off to buy or recondition something old—which is exactly what I'd encountered within the hospital lot. Go commuters!

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