Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I Spy Christmas Decorations

I spy...a Christmas tree and wreaths. The Union Station building at One Main Street is all a splendor on a Friday morning.

One of these years I expect to find holiday frivolity on the winged monkey.

One of my favorite structures is the Follett House. Once a lumber barren's home, it has a bird's eye view of the Burlington harbor. Every year the pillars are swathed in yards of real garland. How you'd like to hang that wreath? I spy...a tree on the landing.

And, back home, my window boxes are filled with pine and cedar boughs, sprouting red berried branches. I spy...Mardi Gras beads.

All on a morning's ride.


  1. Splendid examples of holiday decorations! Nice architecture and a home set them off beautifully.

  2. I'm a a sucker for photographs of buildings and architecture...yes, I know, I'm just weird like that. And even better when photographed during the Christmas season. Love the Follett house with all that white and brick facade on the bottom. And those pillars strewn with spiraled garland, just lovely. You must get a zoom lens and capture that winged monkey with the fluorescent clock up close. And you thought I only loved bikes ;).


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