Sunday, November 6, 2011

Halloween Bike Ride

45 F, breezy

The Halloween Bike Ride was held the day of the big Snowtober Storm. Fortunately, northern Vermont received a spitting wetness early on, but the sun shined for most of the day. Riders arrived in costume or had decorated their bikes. We gathered in City Hall Park and placed special cards in our spokes.

My husband showed up with my 40-year-old doll bungied to his rack. She wore a ghoulish mask.

 Nice face, eh?

I placed my bicycle bags out on display.

I liked this hearse, complete with a "dead" woman.

It turned into a nice family event. Our boys rode scooters. One woman jogged and pushed her girl on a bike for the entire two mile route.

A short video of the ride taken by Noah Pollock.

The post ride party at Maglianero was the perfect venue with racks set up for bike parking.

Indoors, there was food and cider. A man took bike portraits, photographing a person and their bike against a white backdrop. People eventually meandered outside for apple bobbing, games, and announcing the costume winners.

Folks hung out for a long time in the parking lot as it was sheltered from the wind and the sun felt especially warm. I peeled off my mittens. I didn't need my boots, but I reveled in toasty tootsies for a change!

I was in charge of the games so I chose two simple ones: pumpkin bocce and pitching pennies. An hour before the ride, I carried everything on my bike and left it outside the cafe so I could join the procession with my family. Later, my youngest boy helped with the bocce.

Children lined up to feel the "brains" in a box.

As for the bicycle bags, not one sold. My husband said there was talk from a couple people that wanted to buy one, but I know those folks and they never came forward. It probably was not the right venue, anyway.

What a wonderful way to spend a warm, autumn afternoon!

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