Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Flat Tire and Unexpected Bike Commute

It was providence that I was able to cycle to work during two balmy Indian Summer days, yet leave early in the afternoon to ride home in daylight. What started as putting air into our Mazda's tires, turned into a leaky valve, which ended up being a flat tire only an hour later. I had 15 minutes to spare before I set off with my youngest son to get him to school. He was a good sport and grabbed his scooter and helmet while I scrambled to redress and organize for an impromptu but welcome bike commute. Oh the trials and tribulations of car ownership and a parent all rolled into one...

A flat bicycle tire is much simpler, especially if you own more than one bike. On occasion when I discover a flat on my Miyata I can easily adapt panniers to the Trek and set off for work. Not so with a car.

The following video shows the last mile of my daily bike commute, the only bit on dirt road.

On the way home the stars aligned. I was treated to a full moon rising over the Green Mountains.

I love rolls of hay as opposed to bales.

Ahh, can't beat this view.

There were more bike commuters at 4 p.m. as opposed to 5 p.m. I rode with a fellow cyclist for a couple miles. Actually I drafted him because this guy can haul!


  1. Beautiful! (Although I have to admit to being a 'bales' girl as infancy saw many cubby houses formed from them in the fields :D).

  2. Great video Annie. That last mile looks like such a nice path to ride.


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