Saturday, October 29, 2011

So Many Bicycle Signs

I noticed these new signs sprouting in South Burlington. I like the clear graphics and earthy color scheme. They're a welcoming presence.

This corner portrays the various signage used over the years. The wooden posts with sideways lettering were the first with the added benefit of displaying distances. They blended in well with the environment - though maybe too well. Then there is the common green and white variety found all over the state. Throw in the Cross VT Trail oval emblem and suddenly we are bombarded with signs - all for pedestrians and cyclists.

Add the new sharrows design on Burlington city streets and suddenly there is a variety of signage that not only cyclists and automobile drivers have to digest, that no wonder this support sign appeared at the same time. I think people are confused, myself included.

It appears that Burlington is accommodating cyclists on its main arteries by any means possible. This street does not have enough room for separate bike lanes, so thus the "Share the Road" billboard.

South Burlington is a growing community and has the land to incorporate paths on new roadways and neighborhoods. With the waterfront path as an anomaly, Burlington, on the other hand, has been a fully populated and established city and struggles with welcoming cyclists on it's narrow streets. It's tough for Burlington to slowly change, but the recent approval of "Complete Street" design on Colchester Avenue is a victory in the right direction. That, and the fact that the Public Works Commission voted to lower the city wide speed limit to 25 mph shows that Burlington is clearly on the move. If unified signage were part of citywide planning, then I, and I'm sure others, would be even happier.


  1. I love bike path signage as when I see it I always feel my place on the planet has been acknowledged :)

  2. What a great bike sign. I wish we had more of these type of signs in our community. I would feel more welcome as a cyclist rather than just an oddity.


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