Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Last Blast of Foliage and a Contest

As I pedaled home last evening I was awestruck by how intense the colors were just then, especially with the cloud cover turning the sky a moody shade of pink. Some trees are losing leaves while others are yet to be peak. I've been watching a stand of old maples in front of a Bed & Breakfast starting to turn. Their driveway is full with cars - a sign that the leaf peepers have arrived. Mother nature fooled us this year and made us wait.

Below are more photos for fellow foliage lovers. (Try saying that line fast.)

I love the farm equipment in the field with Camel's Hump in the background.

Ahhh, cows and autumn leaves.

Rear view golden maples.

Bike path foliage.

The following are my ideas for a photo (as per rules, single tree only) to enter in RANTWICK's annual foliage contest. Thanks to PaddyAnne, I heard about this event just in time. I can submit only one photo so - if you have a preference - let me know.

#1 - It has character, especially with the keyhole opening in between the two trunks. I'm afraid the photo loses its uniqueness though, as the hole is not visible.

#2 - Nice colors set against a stormy background. It has good contrast.

#3 - A young tree, though I've lost the sky color. I like the tree's triangular shape.

#4 - All-round beauty, especially with the background trees.

#5 - My husband planted this now 10-year-old sugar maple in our backyard. I like this photo for all the texture that is going on here - even with our compost bin! For me, a solitary tree in a photo is too lonely. I prefer the overall aesthetics in this image. The tall, skinny maple sheltered by it's surroundings appears to "dance".

#6 - I love this unique perspective of a maple tree.

 #7 - The ubiquitous photo with my bike.

I'm leaning towards  #5 or #6, but I'd really like another opinion. Help!

By the way, I'm entering the contest just because it's fun and not for the prize of maple syrup. I enjoy observing the awesome changes in our landscape. If truth be told, my husband consumes a gallon of syrup a month - he eats pancakes every morning. No kidding. And I thought my chocolate habit was expensive...


  1. I like #3...the delicate triangular tree. I like the contrast of the leaves on the ground and the way the lush green grass brings out the reddish-orange color of the leaves.

  2. I just recently came across your blog, and I'm really enjoying your posts! It's so cool seeing views of cycling-life around Lake Champlain. I've added your link to my own blog's "blog list".

    All the photos are great ... but I think I like #4 best. I'm a little partial to bike paths. :-)


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