Friday, August 26, 2011

Things I See and the Duct Tape Bike

I like this flower on this blue bike - so pretty with its petals flapping in the wind. The funny thing is while I proceeded on my errands around town, I saw the bicycle two more times.

This spoke card could be a nice touch to any bike. It was plastic. I also liked the wide rims and purple/pink color scheme. I often see these bikes at the bike polo gatherings on the waterfront.

And finally, the best one (drum roll here), it's the Duct Tape Bike!

This guy has been around for a few years. I finally got a close-up view. The bike is entirely covered with duct tape in every imaginable color. Currently he wears a wig and sports big duct tape glasses over his real ones. He pushes his bike up and down our main shopping district. Odd as he is, his bike is a work of art.

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