Monday, May 30, 2016

A Year of New Beginnings

As blossoms fall and puddle, swirling and whirling, the heady aroma accompanying smiles,
I ride.

As thoughts turn to summertime goals, maybe an overnight per month?
I ride.

As a jumble of accessory window-shopping Internet brain binges for a bike that will arrive this summer - a scary unseen, untested purchase, no less - has me in titters,
I ride.

I still can't quite believe it's happening - first new bike in 30 years,
I ride.

I'm ready to let go of two old much-loved least I think I can!
Still, I ride.

Leaving this Friday with a friend for a 4-day Canadian bicycle adventure, bed & breakfast accommodations - another first!
Oh baby, anticipating this ride.

And because this friend is also awaiting a new bike - a custom one - we've made tentative plans for an autumn shakedown tour.
That promises to be a fantastic ride!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Monitoring an Owl Family-The Best Part of My Commute

Adult owl protecting its babies.
It was just yesterday morning that I was mid-way up a short hill, spinning in low gear, going through the motions of my usual commute when runners and dog walkers stood, trail-side, staring at a dead tree trunk. Always curious, I cruised easily to a stop, put my foot down and gawked at two baby owls fluffing their feathers in the cavity of a pockmarked, dead tree.

The adult hangs out, diverting the crow from it's nest.
And so it was that I was nearly late for work. It's not every day that one comes across an owl, not to mention two, and babies. They are common barred owls, the only species I've ever seen in Vermont, easily identified by it's black eyes.

Two baby owls are nestled in a protected cavity.
Later that afternoon, I cruised down the hill, braking to a stop to gather with 4-5 people. One woman had set up a tripod with foot-long lens just as an adult owl swooped onto a nearby branch after just evading a daring, noisy crow. The parental owl stayed that way for 20 minutes, seemingly unperturbed and I eventually, pedaled home.

This morning, I stopped again, surprised by the big owl, standing sentinel in the nest's doorway as a baby owl was barely visible behind. I whipped out my camera, fiddled with the failing battery and eventually captured a good photo. By the time the afternoon rolled around, my husband met me near my office and we rode home together just so I could show him the owls. But don't you know, not even the babies were on display, which leaves me wondering if they've flown the coop?

Either way, I was privy to something special, and wholly unique in a city park. Bike commutes don't get much better than this.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Everyday Cyclist in Pearls

I wear mostly skirts in our office, more so than pants or dresses, mainly because the attire provides me with the opportunity to ride to work already semi-dressed, so-to-speak, swapping my black tights and socks for leggings and skirt when I get to work. It's a system that works very well for me as my commute is mainly downhill and I seem to arrive with little time to spare before my work day begins.

And so I found it quite amusing that I rode home today without my usual jacket - nippy morning temperatures had risen by afternoon into the balmy 60sF - which meant my top garments consisted of what I wore  all day long inside the office: linen shirt, lightweight sweater, and green pearl-like necklace. As I cruised home, the green beads flopping against my chest, I mused about how much I'd turned into the "everyday cyclist". Sure, I still wear lycra tights, but in all other respects I'm embracing this brilliant way to get around on two wheels.

Another everyday cyclist.

Everyday cyclist who dresses to keep cool.