Friday, February 18, 2011

Snow and Cycling and Dreams, Oh My!

Snow banks in front of our house
Amidst our dirty snowbanks, abandoned bicycles are emerging today as a two day warm front eats away the head-high piles. Cyclists are emerging too. A cluster of go-fast riders, as my husband and I like to call them, swarmed past my car as I was drving home. Yet, ice is protruding west from the Burlington harbor for a good three miles like a protective white layer. Today's reprieve is only a glimpse of Spring. Tomorrow we'll be back in the deep freeze.

As I think about cycling, it's nice to appreciate what other communites have accomplished to accommodate the average rider and commuter. Check out this video of Utrecht, Netherlands. I love the dedicated bike lanes. I can attest to the wonderfully signed pathways and volume of riders. My husband and I were able to cycle in the dark for two hours and reach our destination, just by following the route signs.

Oh, and I have a few days off in June. I'm already thinking about where I should go. The kids will be in school and I'll have three days to myself—a perfect opportunity to escape for a short tour. It's too bad the Netherlands is so far!

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